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On my usual quest to source the web on current affairs, I stumbled across a tweet by the British Red Cross of Tom Stoddard’s photo exhibition. As one of the world’s most renowned photographers, Tom has documented moments in world history. He has captured the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin wall, Nelson Mandela’s election, and the war in Iraq.

I was intrigued by his latest efforts, with the participation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), on the Health Care in Danger campaign. Some of the images I saw on the website were shocking, yet immensely moving. It draws on the risks and the reality that health care workers face, when working in the most hostile regions of the world. It is most certainly an area which is overlooked.

His latest exhibition - 78Perspectives - will open on the 25th of July, at More London Riverside.  I would certainly recommend having a peek at his amazing black and white stills, taken from around the world.

And, as this is a book blog, I have heard his book ’IWitness was honoured as the best photography book published in the USA’. I will certainly be looking out for both of these this month!

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